Impact of cloud computing on technology evolution


The cloud has existed in some way for about 20 years. The cloud looks very different from the days when software as a service was mainstream, but the rise of platforms as a service and infrastructure as a service has made this concept much more powerful and useful for businesses. rice field.

The evolution of cloud technology is affecting all technologies. The PC era has led us to clients / servers. The growth of distributed computing has enabled service-oriented architectures. What has the rise of the cloud brought us?

One piece of advice I give to people migrating to the public cloud is that while technology consumption changes (via the open Internet rather than the enterprise network), technology patterns remain the same. Storage is storage, whether it’s 15 feet or 1,500 miles away. The same applies to computing, databases, and even specialized security and operational processes.

The public cloud has changed the way technology evolves. Let’s…

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