If You’re Filing Your Taxes Last Minute, Watch Out for This — Best Life


The deadline to file your tax return is fast approaching. For 2022, you have until April 18 to submit and pay your taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but if you’ve been putting it off, you’re hardly alone. The IRS said it expects to receive more than 160 million returns this year and as of April 1, it had only gotten 91 million. If you’re among the nearly 70 million taxpayers expected to get your taxes done in the next week, you need to be on high alert. Read on to find out what experts are warning last-minute filers to watch out for right now.

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Scammers are looking to capitalize on taxpayers who are rushing and panicking to get their taxes done before the April 18 deadline, according to CNET. Researchers from Cofense, an email security company, told the news outlet that there has been a…

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