I was outbid on my dream home in this crazy real estate market and I’m heartbroken | Opinion


By Donna Murch

I recently put in an offer for an early 20th-century stone house on a tree-lined street in the East Mount Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia and had my heart broken. With the help of a thoughtful real estate agent who directed me away from wildly expensive new construction, I found my dream home in a price range I could afford. The stone and brick structure with its original hard floors, slate roof, two beautiful stone fireplaces, Moroccan arches, shaded porch entrance and high ceilings was the stuff of real estate fantasy. The street — East Durham — was known to be one of the most beautiful in this part of Philadelphia.

While all these things mattered, the house’s final dimension was the most important of all: it was situated within a historic Black neighborhood that offered me the chance to live in the heart of the community, fortuity that had largely eluded me in my years of sojourning from city to city, apartment to apartment,…

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