I tried Taco Bell's new plant-based meat that's only available at one location and I was very disappointed


On April 21, Taco Bell, a chain beloved by vegetarians and vegans, introduced its new plant-based meat: the Cravetarian.

Source: Insider

Taco Bell’s stores already offer “Veggie Mode,” a vegetarian menu showcasing all the meat-free options. A Taco Bell Cantina, which typically is focused on dine-in service, has added a drive-thru.

And all of the ingredients included on the 100% veggie-friendly menu are American Vegetarian Association certified. The four dishes on Taco Bell’s new all-vegetarian menu.

Source: Taco Bell

“People who have been flexitarian or vegetarian have known that we’ve been the go-to place where you can actually get a healthy, plant-based protein that you can sub into your food,” Julie Felss Masino, now-president Taco Bell International, told Insider in 2019. Taco Bell’s new vegetarian menu.

Source: Insider

Unlike other fast-food chains – like McDonald’s or Burger King – that have relied on Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat for a plant-based substitute, Taco Bell decided to go with its own proprietary vegan protein. Crunchy Taco Supreme with the Cravetarian.

“We’ve met with Beyond, we’ve met with Impossible,” Masino said in an interview with CNBC in 2019. “But I think what we’re proud of is that we’ve been doing vegetarian for 57 years.”

Source: CNBC

The new vegan option is made of peas and chickpeas, the latter a classic vegan substitute for meat. Crunchwrap Supreme with the Cravetarian.

A few of Taco Bell’s meat-based menu items can be substituted with the new vegan protein … Crunchy Taco Supreme with the Cravetarian.

… including the classic burritos, chalupas, and Crunchwrap Supreme. Crunchwrap Supreme with the Cravetarian.

However, the Cravetarian