‘I lent £80,000 to someone who ran off with my money – but authorities won’t investigate’ — Scam Guards


Andrew* is looking for jobs but struggling to find work. He’s 72. He should be retired by now, but he worries about the future for him and his disabled wife Clare*.

But that’s just not possible. Because he had his life savings stolen from him after he was persuaded to invest in a building project.

He hoped that he could rely on the police to take the case seriously, especially for such a huge sum. But officers told him their hands were tied because Action Fraud wouldn’t authorise an investigation.

So the pensioner has ended up spending £10,000 on private detectives and solicitors – yet seven years later he is still missing the majority of his money.

In 2014, before he was married, Andrew met a woman called Helen* through a dating app and they became friends. She introduced him to her brother and her nephew, who were involved in the building trade. They said…

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