How Young Indians Are Achieving Financial Freedom By Investing In Crypto Assets, Building Crypto Solutions 


The Bitcoin phenomenon has taken the world by storm, and for many young Indians, the cryptocurrency space has presented an opportunity not just to learn more about the system that has wide applications in the real world but also to achieve financial freedom through it. 

Bitcoin’s phenomenal price rise has attracted a vast horde of traders and investors who think of it as a quick-rich scheme, with many failing to do even the basic research into its fundamentals and promise. Sure enough, you will find media reports talking about young traders huddling together in WhatsApp or Telegram groups, egging each other on, and ‘hodling’ crypto assets. 

Any asset that has grown as fast as Bitcoin is sure to attract massive speculative interest, including from those who do not bother to understand even its basics. 

But there are others who have taken pains to research the space well, and have either invested in a crypto asset or are…

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