How We All Can Restore Healthy Sleep, And What Business Leaders Can Do To Help


The pandemic has had a disastrous effect on our collective sleep habits. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 56% of American adults have trouble falling or staying asleep. “I’d say we’re now in an epidemic of sleep deprivation,” says Dr. Ronald Chervin, director of the Sleep Disorders Centers at the University of Michigan.

Although insomnia is one of many types of sleep disorder, poor sleep has become so pervasive that experts have coined the term “coronasomnia” to describe the phenomenon. Heightened anxiety and stress, caretaking responsibilities, and disrupted work routines: these factors and others conspire to undermine proper sleep.

If sleep disorders have multiple causes, inadequate sleep also produces multiple ripple effects, none of them good. Untreated, short-term insomnia can easily become a chronic problem that takes on a life of its…

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