How Vietnam′s economy benefits from China′s pandemic policy | Asia | An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW


Vietnam was one of the few countries whose economy grew during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. This was due to early and rigorous action by the government and a zero-COVID strategy that kept case numbers low for a long time.

However, in summer 2021, before the omicron variant changed how countries approached pandemic policy, the delta variant’s spread in Vietnam began to spiral out of control.

As infection rates climbed, factories from international companies like Samsung, Apple, Nike and Zara were forced to close for weeks.

Workers returned to their home villages in chaotic conditions. According to the World Bank, Vietnam’s annual economic growth fell to 2.58%.

Vietnam decided to change its strategy, and pushed ahead with a vaccination campaign, which had previously been neglected. Hanoi took a pragmatic approach and, unlike China, also used Western vaccines.

“Vietnam got its act together relatively quickly, and that shows the adaptive capacity of…

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