How to Think About What’s Going on With Chinese Stocks; How to Make Smart Donations


The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is threatening to delist the American depositary receipts of several Chinese companies. Investors have a lot of questions. In this podcast, Motley Fool senior analyst Bill Mann discusses:

  • Why China’s government is happy with the SEC’s threat.
  • How a quick and easy end to this impasse is difficult to see.

And he discusses how the NCAA basketball tournament can help make your approach to investing better and why hoops programs with a history of winning records resemble winning businesses.

Jennifer Gennaro Oxley, executive director of The Motley Fool Foundation, talks with Motley Fool host Alison Southwick and MotleyFool personal finance expert Robert Brokamp about how thinking like an investor can lead to better outcomes in your charitable giving.

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