How to think about advanced assist systems as an owner-operator


TCA Chairman Jim Ward (left), moderating a Sunday, June 6, panel with Nussbaum Transportation hauler Clark Reed (center) and independent owner-operator Henry Albert.

Are advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), such as collision mitigation, smart systems that clearly improve safety? Or are they idiotic systems causing needless distractions? 

They’re best considered neither smart nor dumb, but they do require some getting used to, said panelists at the Truckload Carriers Association Safety and Security annual meeting Sunday, June 6, in St. Louis. Incoming Truckload Carriers Association Chairman and D.M. Bowman President Jim Ward moderated a panel that clarified issues of training and fine-tuning skills for operating trucks equipped with ADAS.

While truck dealer sales staff and others often emphasize just how “smart” these new trucks are, truck operators he’s worked with often enough say the opposite, said one-truck independent owner-operator Henry…

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