How to solve today’s tech challenges: secure data, close the digital divide, boost leadership


US President Joe Biden holds a semiconductor chip as he speaks prior to signing an executive order, aimed at addressing a global semiconductor chip shortage, in the State Dining Room at the White House in Washington, DC, on February 24, 2021. Photo via REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst.

Each decade has fundamentally changed security and technology. In the 2000s, much of the world focused on counterterrorism: The Twin Towers had been hit, and the years that followed were dominated by the global response to terrorism. The next decade brought disillusionment with both technology companies and governments. Conversations around technology grew more nuanced, especially with regards to national security. The motto of Silicon Valley was infamously “move fast and break things,” and things broke.

The decade to come will be the “GeoTech Decade,” in which the…

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