How to prevent these 4 types of bitcoin and cryptocurrency scams? – CVBJ


Key facts:

To avoid Ponzi schemes it is necessary to “go back to the principles of Bitcoin and blockchain.”

Daiana Gómez asks to be prudent with altcoins, as many of them do not add any value.

Scams with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a frequently reported topic by CryptoNews. In the framework of the DescentralizAR conference, the panelist Daiana Gómez Banegas, who belongs to the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, gave some guidelines to prevent this type of fraud.

“How to avoid falling into scams with pseudo-cryptocurrencies” was the title of Gómez Banegas’ talk. Throughout his exhibition he exhibited four types of crypto asset scams: identity fraud; scams at the time of the transaction; pyramidal systems; and the coins known as “shitcoins.”

“With the pandemic we were all turned to the digital world in a massive way and that had never happened before,” the speaker mentioned as an introduction to her presentation. …

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