How to Prevent Business Email Compromise Attacks


Emails have become one of the most widely used methods of business communication. Almost all industries—from retail to IT, music to agriculture, real estate to construction—use email for business. The bad thing is that emails are one of the root causes of cybercrimes such as business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

BEC is a common issue for small and large businesses, costing them billions of dollars over the years. So what are BEC scams? And how can you stop opportune cybercriminals in their tracks?

What Is Business Email Compromise?

don't open that mail

Business email compromise (also known as man-in-the-email attack) is a scam in which a cybercriminal obtains access to a business email account and impersonates the owner in order to gain access to critical business information or defraud the company and its partners, employees, and customers.

BEC attacks are difficult to prevent as the emails do not have…

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