How to Buy, Renovate, and Sell Rentals

  • 30-year real estate investing veteran Deb Cleveland is a master house flipper who owns 80 rentals.
  • She bought her first property for $62,000 with a 5-year loan and sold it for $225K 18 years later.
  • She explains how she finds discounted properties, renovates on a budget, and sells for huge profits.

In 17 years, Deb Cleveland grew her small business selling merchandise to corporations into a $2 million company, but that’s only half of her secret to wealth. 

As a single parent, she wanted to earn passive income that would allow her to be flexible and available to take care of her son in the long term. She devoured any

personal finance books
she could get her hands on and decided that real estate investing was the way to…

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