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It’s time for the government to crack down on fraudsters (Picture: Getty Images)

Bear Grylls promoting Bitcoin, Davina McCall fronting get-rich-quick schemes: these aren’t late career changes, but some of the ways scammers are trying to trick you into giving away your money.

Fake investment ads, where fraudsters often use the faces of trusted celebrities to make them seem legitimate, are rife online and all too often strip people not only of their cash but also of their dignity, mental health and confidence.

Which? has heard from far too many people who have been taken in by these terrible crimes, which are only growing in sophistication.

Sometimes, victims will realise before they lose large sums of money. Tragically, others won’t be so fortunate. Life-changing amounts of cash can vanish in a few clicks.

The sheer volume of scams can make us feel powerless, especially when a lack of effective government regulation…

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