How this entrepreneur built an $840 million real estate company


Buwa Binitie is a real estate entrepreneur in the DC area. He is the founder of Dantes Partners, a real estate development company that is into building affordable houses in the District of Columbia. According to Shoppe Black, Dantes Partners has closed over $840 million of real estate transactions since it was founded.

Binitie tells Shoppe Black that he is a “product of family”. By that, he means he comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs, and growing up he knew his career path had been created for him. And he chose real estate because his family had always been involved in the sector.

Initially, Binitie didn’t want to follow the family business line by going into real estate. He moved out to the West Coast thinking he was going to be the next Mark Zuckerberg but failed miserably. He eventually found real estate and has never looked back since.

Despite being a family business, Binitie says he got more…

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