How tech-rich people are changing America with their crazy plans


big story – Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg dream of offering humanity a new horizon through space conquest or virtual reality.

The pandemic has been a good time for American tech millionaires. Over the past 20 months, their fortunes have soared to ever more dizzying heights. Elon Musk, maker of Tesla electric cars and SpaceX’s space rocket, has seen his fortune quadruple, surpassing the GDP of South Africa, his home country. The title of the richest person in the world was stolen from Jeff Bezos, head of the e-commerce site Amazon. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune exceeds $100 billion.

We had to invent a term, millionaires, to distinguish them from simple billionaires. Even in the United States, where individual wealth is admired more than distrust or envy, their power is beginning to draw criticism.

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