How scams are targeting older victims in Butler County


Butler County Prosecutor Michael Gmoser, who started the Butler County Crimes Against the Elderly Task Force in September 2011, said crimes against older residents could get more attention.

“The legislature has already recognized that the elderly deserve special attention,” he said. ” And I adhere to that and recognize that because it’s been from experience that the elderly are disadvantaged, not because they’re gullible, not because there’s stupid, it’s because they are genuinely good people … because they have faith and trust in humanity in general.”

Gmoser said he has also tried to work with local police agencies to give attention to vulnerable victims.

“I have encouraged law enforcement to get with me when they get reports of scams in which the elderly have been disadvantaged, and victimized to get with me because I have an investigative staff and I am able to follow up on those cases.” Gmoser said.

Gmoser said…

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