How Nigeria’s fake investment gurus live in luxury while victims lament » Scammer News


TESSY IGOMU gives insight into the enthralling lives of Nigeria’s foremost Ponzi scheme gurus, their sudden enrichment, lavish lifestyles and exotic collections, while referencing a gripping life of pain and yearnings of unlucky, high yield-seeking investors ensnared by their many antics

Currently said to be on the run, Bamise Ajetumobi, the founder of Imagine Global Solution Limited, a company that is into a micro lending investment scheme, was accused of expending $50,000 to acquire the citizenship of the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda for himself and his family in a bid to escape the long arm of the law and the wrath of angry and frustrated investors.

The anger of the high yield-seeking investors stemmed from the loss of an estimated N22bn invested in the company established by Bamise and his wife. As claimed by the aggrieved victims, Bamise promised a bogus Return on…

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