How Much Money Did Anna Sorokin Steal? What is Her Net Worth?


ABC’s ’20/20: The Sinfluencer Of SoHo’ looks at the glitzy life that Anna Sorokin lived in New York City while scamming her way through banks and businesses. Ultimately, that life caught up with her, leading to a conviction and a prison sentence. But before that, Anna lived in luxurious hotels and rubbed shoulders with wealthy celebrities. Authorities believed that the amount she stole was in the low six-figures. So, if you’re wondering how much exactly, here’s what we know!

How Much Money Did Anna Sorokin Steal?

Anna spent time in Germany, the United Kingdom, and France before moving to New York. She was born in Russia and now holds German citizenship. Anna Sorokin introduced herself as Anna Delvey to the people in the United States. She made everyone believe that she was a German heiress with substantial money overseas and used that image to her advantage.

Over the period of a few…

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