How Leaders Can Embrace New Technology in Filmmaking


Filmmakers, whether they’re directing a commercial or a three-hour cinematic epic, rely on proven technology. This is because, when movie production costs upwards of $20,000 per hour (when accounting for everyone on set), sticking to established technology is the safe way to get the job done. Aside from these high-stakes situations, the film industry still embraces innovation. There are many within the industry who experiment with different tech and techniques, they just don’t do it during high-dollar productions. It’s this experimentation that drives filmmaking innovation, where groups question the established ways of shooting, editing, or sound. As these innovations gain traction, some companies develop those technologies at scale, and others adopt them to realize efficiency, cost, and production value benefits.

New Technology Brings Layers of Benefits

When cinematographers, filmmakers and production companies bring onboard new technology,…

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