How fraudsters exploited our fears during the pandemic — Scam Guards


Over the past few weeks, I’ve received several unsolicited messages on my phone. There was what appeared to be a bank, warning me of impending fraud: Request for NEW payee MR A HANKIN has been made on your account. If this was NOT done by you, visit…

What followed was a web address that looked like that included the name of a major commercial bank.

Then there was a voicemail, claiming that I had been implicated in a crime: This call is in regards to illegal activity with your National Insurance number. Ignoring this phone call may lead to legal trouble.

Finally, I received the following SMS from a local doctor’s surgery:

You have been invited to book your Covid-19 vaccinations. Please click the link to book your first vaccination, or to tell us you’ve already booked elsewhere:

The content of each appeared to be helpful and the web links looked strange, but plausible…

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