How Dallas-Fort Worth Became a Top-Tier Commercial Real Estate Market » Dallas Innovates


Somewhere along the way, between the savings and loan crash in 1985 and CBRE’s announcement of Dallas as its new headquarters in October 2020, the Dallas-Fort Worth region joined the upper echelon of the country’s commercial real estate markets.  DFW can count itself among Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City.

Exactly how it got here strikes at the heart of the region’s viability, charm, and ability to adapt. It’s a story about something called “coopetition,” of good weather, available land not hemmed in by mountains or an ocean, and a steady flow of inbound moving vans filled with (primarily) Type A personalities.

It’s also a tale of how DFW was a forerunner in creating a national commercial real estate market—one that’s increasingly diverse and always evolving—despite the turmoil that has roiled our timeline. 

‘We’ve Come a Long Way’

Mike Lafitte has been in the DFW commercial real estate market since…

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