How a British Teacher Lost £120K in a Bitcoin Scam on Instagram


Teresa Jackson – a retired teacher from Portishead, Somerset – lost her savings in an online scam. A mysterious ”financial advisor” persuaded her to stake £120,000 in a bitcoin investment scheme advertised on Instagram.

Universal Credit Instead of Multiplying Her Money

The UK’s national reporting center for fraud and cybercrime sounded a note of caution that crypto investing could be a hazardous operation.

Action Fraud and Citizens Advice informed about the case of Teresa Jackson. Impressed by a Bitcoin investment plan on Instagram, the retired 63-year-old teacher started contemplating whether to place some of her funds in it.

Subsequently, she was contacted by an individual who claimed to be a financial advisor with outstanding knowledge about Bitcoin. The anonymous man supposedly sounded very thrust-worthy and persuaded Jackson to invest £120,000, which was actually her pension pot and life…

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