Housing scam trial will be hindered if Sealife MD escapes: state


A hearing in connection to the appeal made by the state in connection to the Criminal Court’s decision to release the Managing Director of Sealife Global who is being charged over the Sealife housing scam, on bail has been held.

The hearing was held at the High Court on Thursday, during which state prosecutors stressed that Mohamed is someone who has a record of attempting to flee and that he was also someone who went into hiding in the international arena.

According to online news outlet ‘Sun’, although a stay order on Mohamed’s passport is in effect, the state attorney had stressed that there are threats that he may escape “through the back door”.

Mohamed, native to Thinadhoo island in Vaavu atoll, who faces allegations of defrauding nearly 300 people after collecting payments from them for apartments allocated within the first phase of a housing project, was extradited to the Maldives on March 24. Interpol confirmed…

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