Horowitz: Media coverage of Columbus shooting exposes their BLM agenda as a fraud


It’s clear as day from the video footage that 16-year-old Columbus, Ohio, resident Ma’Khia Bryant was swinging a knife at another girl and that cops told her to put the knife down before shooting her. Yet the media are still stoking another Floyd mob outrage over this incident and is insinuating that she might not have had a knife. They don’t care that police were saving a black victim of an attempted homicide. It is this mentality and media strategy that will continue to result in thousands of more homicide victims, mainly black.

The New York Times claims “officials said” Bryant had a knife rather than publishing the truth that “the video shows” she had a knife. Black Lives Matter is still on the attack and acting as if police murdered Bryant in cold blood. The AP tweeted, “Police shot and killed a teenage Black girl in Columbus, Ohio, just as the verdict was being announced in the trial for the killing of George Floyd. Bodycam footage appeared to show the girl attempting to stab two people with a knife.”

This is where we are in America today. Any time police are forced to shoot a violent criminal who happens to be black, the expectation is that there is a right to riot. The nerve of police to defend victims on the declared George Floyd verdict day. They should have taken the day off, according to the AP! Well, it might come as a shock to those who live in gated neighborhoods, but violent criminals don’t take a break for the Derek Chauvin trial.

Just consider how often police encounter violent criminals who happen to be black. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting, in 2019, there were 16,425 reported homicides (over 20,000 in 2020), 268,000 robberies, 821,000 aggravated assaults reported by police (many more unreported incidents, including over 4.8 million assaults, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics). There were also 1.1 million burglaries and nearly 7 million property crimes. Most of the latter categories are not considered violent, but many violent criminals commit those crimes and get violent