Hongkong Land unveils Kidzplorer: A US$33 million strategic investment innovatively designed to integrate edutainment with lifestyle retailing


CHONGQING, China, April 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hongkong Land today officially opened Kidzplorer, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) oriented play-centre now fully integrated into its first wholly-owned commercial development project in Southwest China: “The Ring, Chongqing”. Spanning the next five years, this new US$33 million investment will be rolled out to other cities across the Chinese mainland. Together with “The Ring” series, Kidzplorer is a value-adding enhancement that underlines Hongkong Land’s commitment to driving strategic innovation, forging the future of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and beyond. The ultimate experience is one that is designed to inspire the community and visitors, who can subsequently aspire to a better tomorrow.

Mr Robert Wong, Chief Executive of Hongkong Land, said, “With a history of more than 130 years, we constantly seek the next opportunity to respond to the changing preferences and demands of our tenants and customers by introducing innovative concepts and fresh offerings, with a view to elevating the value of our portfolio for the Chinese mainland and across the region. Kidzplorer represents Hongkong Land’s breakthrough in providing innovative family-friendly amenities into our retail experiences, answering the needs of today’s customers, many of whom are parents who visit along with their children.”

Mr Thomas Tam, Director & Head of Asset Management, Commercial Property of Hongkong Land, said, “Our latest development in Chongqing represents our unwavering dedication to innovation, coupled with our desire to enhance the offerings available across our portfolio. An elevated concept of the ever-growing STEAM trend across China and Asia, Kidzplorer at ‘The Ring, Chongqing’ features family-orientated facilities present in that not only enhance Yorkville, Hongkong Land’s high-end residential development in the neighbourhood, but together they provide a holistic offering which aims to set a new benchmark for contemporary urban development, with the goal of serving future generations to come.”

Kidzplorer at “The Ring, Chongqing” is designed by internationally-acclaimed theme park design firm JRA and Star Group. It occupies a net floor area of nearly 3,000 sq. m. and offers a nine-zone play area, a STEAM classroom, a family café and party rooms, alongside a retail store featuring a