Hongkong Land celebrates strategic milestone with the opening of “The Ring, Chongqing”, a new “urban-nature community” development


CHONGQING, China, April 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hongkong Land today celebrated the official launch of “The Ring, Chongqing”, its inaugural lifestyle retail series. As the Group’s first wholly-owned commercial development project in Southwest China, “The Ring, Chongqing” will enhance Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area and reshape the makeup of the city’s retail scene, underpinned by its innovative, holistic offering, which aims to set a new benchmark for urban-nature living.


Mr Robert Wong, Chief Executive of Hongkong Land, said, “With more than a century of expertise and experience in developing and managing best-in-class commercial and residential properties across Asia, Hongkong Land strives for continual innovation, with fresh offerings to cater for the ever-changing needs of today’s tenants and customers. Our established ‘Central’ series have been created to inspire a luxury lifestyle, while the brand-new retail series ‘The Ring’, aspires to define the future of retail and commercial developments, combining nature with urban living.”

Mr Ling Chang Feng, Executive Director, China Property of Hongkong Land, said, “Underlining our passion for innovation, the design of the properties in Hongkong Land’s portfolio are based on sustainable principles. ‘The Ring, Chongqing’ — together with Yorkville, the Group’s high-end residential development in the neighbourhood — will offer the local community a new regional hub for living and business. Designed to showcase the success of our ‘urban-nature community’ concept, it will serve as a pioneering model which we will roll-out to other cities on the Chinese mainland in the future.”

“The Ring, Chongqing” is a seven-level shopping mall with some 74,000 sq. m of net leasable area. The importance of local heritage is accentuated through collaboration of “The Ring” with the Chongqing Bureau of Geology & Mineral Exploration and Development. Its 7-storey, 42-metre-tall indoor botanical garden, coupled with its sports and culture-themed interactive offerings, will break traditional space limitations and bring people together with nature.

Hongkong Land today also celebrated the official opening of “Kidzplorer”, Hongkong Land’s latest breakthrough STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) orientated parent-child amusement space, based around the concept of edutainment. For details, please refer to its press release.

The Ring, Chongqing

Inaugurated in Chongqing, “The Ring” is