Holiday Safety Tips from Madison PD


By By Ben Rayner

12/08/2021 09:38 a.m. EST

The holidays bring joy, happiness, and all-around good cheer, but they also bring out the phone scammers, porch pirates, and petty thieves. Madison Police Captain Doug Harkins is making some recommendations for residents to help lessen the odds of being a victim of one of these crimes this season.

According to Harkins, the first action residents can take to keep from being a victim of a crime is to make sure they lock their cars and to keep packages and those presents in your trunk or out of sight. These simple recommendations can thwart most of the petty car crimes that have been reported by almost every shoreline town in recent months.

Harkins said Madison’s number of car break-ins appear to be ebbing, but several other area towns are still experiencing this crime. According to Harkins, car break-ins tend be cyclical and will periodically…

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