Hobson — Even smart people get caught in scams


“I’m Becky from Medicare, and I am a fraud,” says the August/September issue of AARP Magazine.

Becky is a robocaller offering “precautionary genetic screening nationwide,” a test you probably will never need. She wants your Medicare number so her employer can tell Medicare that you and countless others have had the test, bilking Medicare out of millions of dollars. Her boss will also sell your Medicare number to other fraudsters. Oh, and Becky does not want you to talk to your doctor about the test. Not having a real doctor involved is a huge red flag, according the AARP article.

Martha Hobson

How to fight back and not get caught in Medicare fraud schemes: say “no” to genetic testing. Be cautious about giving your Medicare number of other personal information to a stranger or organization you don’t know. If you receive a genetic testing kit in the mail, don’t accept it, but return it to sender, and, be sure to review your…

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