Hinson: Democratic spending proposals ‘disrespect’ taxpayers | Govt-and-politics


U.S. Rep. Ashley Hinson supports expanding the child tax credit, but has concerns about the price tag on the American Rescue Plan that includes sending payments averaging $423 a month to about 35 million families with children.

President Joe Biden predicts the program — that will send monthly payments of $300 for each child age 5 and younger and $250 per child for those between 5 and 17 — will halve child poverty rates.

“It’s important that we continue to look at ways where we can help support our working parents and families,” Hinson said in a phone call to reporters Friday.

Her problem is that the rescue plan that included the child tax credit “was full of pork spending.”

“When you’re looking at real ways to help American families, it’s to make sure they’re not seeing record inflation like we’re experiencing right now,” the Marion Republican said.

Her office is getting questions about the checks from people confused about how the…

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