Hertfordshire police warning following costly WhatsApp scams


9:03 AM July 25, 2022

9:59 AM July 25, 2022

Police in Hertfordshire are warning WhatsApp users to watch out for “friend in need” scams.

Detective Inspector Pete Hankins, of Hertfordshire Constabulary, said WhatsApp users should only respond to requests for help if they have met the sender.

DI Hankins’ advice follows a national warning from Action Fraud and the City of London Police that false identity scams on WhatsApp have cost the UK public at least ÂŁ1.5 million between February 3 and June 21, 2022.

He said: “It’s not difficult to pose as someone else on WhatsApp.

“People are not always who they claim to be.

“If you get a message from a number you do not recognise claiming to be someone you know and asking for money or personal information, it is best to pause and check that they are who they claim to be.

“We advise asking them to call you or meet you in person before acting on their request.”


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