Here’s What Dave Ramsey Says About Crypto Investing


Dave Ramsey is a faith-based financial expert and multi-media personality who started his career in real estate. By his mid-20s, Ramsey had accumulated a real estate portfolio worth $4 million. However, a change in banking laws required several outstanding loans to be called. He was unable to pay, and Ramsey, in a reversal of fortune, subsequently filed for bankruptcy.

Since then, he developed a debt-reduction system based on common sense and sound financial principles that he followed to regain his own fiscal footing. His debt-freedom and slow-growth approach to financial security are the core elements of his multimedia empire.

Ramsey’s website claims that 23 million people follow his daily radio show, podcasts, and weekly videos. His team has also published 19 national bestselling books. Most importantly to him, Ramsey states that 6 million families have fixed their financial foibles with his wealth-building plan. His message is one…

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