Here are the top 5 digital scams in South Africa to be aware of


A poll conducted by consumer credit reporting agency TransUnion shows that digital fraud remains an issue in South Africa at a time when consumers are financially desperate.

Trans Union’s data pointed to scammers who continue to prey on financial vulnerability caused by the outbreak of Covid-19.

The group’s data shows that nearly two-thirds of consumers (61%) said their household income has decreased due to the pandemic. Consumers in this predicament said they were concerned about their ability to pay their bills and loans (87%). Four in 10 (41%) of all consumers surveyed reported being in arrears for a bill or loan over the past three months.

And within this climate, TransUnion noted that two in five consumers (40%) reported being personally aware of a digital fraud attempt targeted at them in the last three months, while 5% are now a victim to it.

Of consumers aware of a digital fraud attempt targeted at them, 48% said it was from third-party…

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