Here are the German democratic challenges that political parties haven’t discussed | View


The rest of Europe eagerly awaits the outcome of the German federal elections on September 26th, as they are significant for the future politics of the entire continent.

This was a strange campaign for German standards. Even perennial domestic themes such as integration, security on the streets and education were sidelined by discussions about the personalities of the top candidates and the response to the pandemic. It is disappointing to note that little attention has been paid to the state of democracy in Germany by politicians and pundits alike. And yet, potential sources of domestic dissatisfaction in Germany could fuel anti-democratic forces at home and abroad.

High turnout and fair campaigning will reconfirm the soundness of the German electoral process. Possible domestic and foreign interference notwithstanding, there is little doubt about the integrity and legitimacy of these elections. Yet there is increasing concern that Germany’s democracy…

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