Her Real Estate Startup Just Landed a $12 Million Funding Round. Next on the Agenda: Rapid Growth and an IPO


For most entrepreneurs, launching a startup three months before a global pandemic would just be bad luck. Not so for Realm founder Liz Young, whose real estate platform helps homeowners maximize the value of their home by guiding them through decisions like how much to spend on a kitchen renovation or when to refinance. During the pandemic, when millions of Americans began working remotely from their homes, Realm started receiving hundreds of inquir­ies per week from homeowners looking for advice.

“We’ve had a really captive audience of people sitting in their biggest asset and not spending on travel and other discretionary expenses,” Young says. “They’re saying, ‘Help me figure out how to interact with my home in its new use.’ “

Young, 33, first took an interest in real estate at the age of 6, when her parents bought their first home. From then on, during every trip to the grocery store, she would pick up all of the real estate listings magazines….

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