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Microsoft is investigating claims that internal source code repositories have been accessed and data has been stolen.

source Tom Malka

The alleged hack is linked to the hacking group Lapsus$, which attacked companies such as Nvidia, Samsung and Vodafone in the past successfully.

Evidence of the hack emerged on Sunday evening when Tom Malka published screenshots on Twitter showing a Telegram conversation and what appears to be an internal folder listing of Microsoft source code repositories.

The screenshot suggests that the hackers downloaded source codes of Cortana and several Bing services. The post has been deleted in the meantime. Microsoft told Bleeping Computer that it is investigating the reports.

Unlike most extortion groups, which try to install ransomware on systems that they attack successful, Lapsus$ tries to get a ransom for downloaded data from the companies that it attacked.

The main services that Lapsus$ may have downloaded the source…

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