Hail Eris! Meditations on using politics to serve the goddess of discord


According to Greek mythology (and, much more importantly, the Principia Discordia), Eris, the goddess of discord, once rolled a golden apple into a crowded banquet hall, then walked away while her fellow goddesses fought over it. This, according to legend, led directly to the Trojan War.

Every now and then, when I’m feeling extra cynical about politics and life more generally, I imagine what I might do if I had near-limitless money and a political action committee to funnel it through. In these dark moments, while I despair over the political process being unable to help anyone without hurting at least a dozen others, I occasionally fantasize about running a political action committee according to Erisian principles — one run solely to sow discord and cause trouble.

If I’m feeling especially cynical, I tell myself that such an organization would likely be every bit as effective as every other political organization at its stated goals, and would…

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