Hackers attack AMELI and FranceConnect accounts, be vigilant


Since the beginning of the year, a pest has infested the heart of French homes: Cyber ​​attack on FranceConnect accounts. Using different strategies, web hackers recover your professional and personal data in order to use it against you. What are these technologies, what are their dangers, and above all, how do we prevent them?

Islands of France

Last February, we already mentioned a topic related to cybersecurity and Billions of passwords and usernames leaked, ranging from Netflix to LinkedIn, including Gmail accounts. Today, These attacks target accounts associated with the service that secures the identity of 21 million usersAnd those who wish to connect to more than 700 services: Axis FranceConnect. The worm is already in the fruit. News about the victims of these hackers is increasingly distorting the pages of French daily newspapers and specialized sites. 20 minutesAnd launchAnd France informationAnd NomiramaSince the beginning of the…

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