Growth of US economy under Trump was worst since Hoover


Donald Trump has often touted economic growth during his presidency as evidence that he was a successful president, but a recent revision to GDP dating back to 1999 has suggested his rosy view of the period is a fantasy.

The revisions were part of the US’s gross domestic product report that was released on Thursday by the US Commerce Department‘s Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The revisions revealed that economic growth under Mr Trump was the worst since President Herbert Hoover, who was in the White House from 1929 to 1933, the period of the Wall Street Crash and the onset of the Depression.

Bloomberg reported the results of the analysis, which began with the Dwight D Eisenhower administration – 1953 to 1961 – as that was the first time the BEA reported full quarterly data.

GDP growth under Mr Hoover was negative 7.4 per cent. Mr Trump performed better, with the GDP growing 1.6 per cent during his time in office, but that number is extremely low…

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