Greenwood Business Owners Prepare For Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Events


As Greenwood businesses and event organizers prepare for the Tulsa Race Massacre centennial, they hope people will continue to learn about the massacre even after the weekend.

Some Greenwood business owners said the 100th anniversary will be one of the most important things to ever happen in Tulsa.

Signs are up and last-minute preparations being made as Tulsa’s Greenwood District prepares for a week in the national spotlight.

“This is a terrific opportunity for businesses across the city,” said Venita Cooper, owner of Silhouette Sneakers & Art.

The Black Wall Street Legacy festival will host events Thursday through Monday, including local musicians, speeches, marches, and art unveilings to amplify black Tulsans.

“I love being here,” Cooper said. “One of the reasons I wanted to be here was to carry on that legacy of successful black business owners before me.”

Silhouette Sneakers and Art downtown and will host some of those local artists.

“I believe in…

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