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Sure, it’s a bit provocative headline, but it’s not without merit, I guarantee you. And we will reach a good time for all of them.

NS Ace Attorney Capcom’s series of games has a very rich history in its 20 years of existence, including 6 main games, 5 spin-offs and 2 compilations. Still, for me, it’s always been a runaway.

Whether it’s a tight budget, a huge backlog, or the result of a more urgent title that needs to be played, I’ve always missed out on it. Ace Attorney action. Until now, that is.

Ace Attorney Chronicle On the surface, it comes with the latest gameplay mechanics in the series, set in the 19th century, and represents a great way to experience the universe for the first time. Ace Attorney Trilogy. This meant that spoilers were less likely to ruin other games. So far, everything is fine.

Entering the game, I had some thoughts about what to expect, so it’s a thrilling action-adventure…

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