Google Play gift card scam still going strong in the Kootenays – Nelson Star — Scam Guards


A Beaver Valley woman is sounding the alarm after she was almost taken for $200 in a Google Play card scam.

Her morning began with a quick email check which revealed a message from an acquaintance saying he was not well, couldn’t get to the phone, and needed $200 to help him out of a jam. The woman emailed him back asking how she could help. A response came back that if she would buy $200 in Google Play gift cards and send him the codes on the back, then that would be greatly appreciated.

Wanting to help, she went to a store in Fruitvale and purchased the cards. Upon her return home she replied to the email sender and asked what to do next. This is when the person on the other end became somewhat insistent, almost offensive to her, about sending the codes. The woman became suspicious at this point because she says her friend wouldn’t talk to her like that.

So, she picked up the phone and called her friend instead. This…

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