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Saturday, May 28, 2022


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In 1998, I was invited to deliver the Memorial Day address at Newport City Hall. In my address, I sought to recur to the true meaning of the holiday. Memorial Day, I said, had unfortunately come to signify little more than another three-day weekend, which had obscured even the vestiges of its intended meaning: a solemn time, serving both as catharsis for those who fought and survived, and to ensure that those who followed would not forget the sacrifice of those who died that the American Republic and the principles that sustain it, might live.

Americans, I contended, had forgotten how to honor their war heroes and to remember their war dead. As my friend and fellow Marine, “Bing” West observed several years ago in his remarkable book about Fallujah, No True Glory, stories of soldierly courage deserve “to be recorded and read by the next generation. Unsung,…

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