Globe warns public of SIM swap scam


Globe Telecom Inc. warned the public on Sunday about the resurgence of a so-called SIM swap scam.

It involves a fraudster gathering various information from a target individual for the first few days or weeks of the scam. These include personal information, e-mails, bank account details, and trading information, among others.

Soon after, the fraudster will then pose as the victim and seek for the temporary disconnection of the victim’s mobile phone line, citing the loss of the phone.

The fraudster will then personally go to a store to request for a new SIM card, presenting valid IDs and a notarized affidavit of loss to gain the new SIM card.

The new SIM card will then be used to acquire the one-time pin that is used by most financial apps and even social networking apps to provide users access to their mobile apps.

Globe said it urges its customers to “use strong and unique passwords for their digital accounts, change it…

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