Global Security & International Relations: Israel’s (new) Political Landscape


Join the World Affairs Council of Atlanta on July 15 at 12 PM ET as Tal Schneider, Political Correspondent for the Times of Israel and its former Washington correspondent shares her insights and analysis on Israel Post-Netanyahu. Anat Sultan-Dadon, the Consul General of Israel in the Southeast United States, will introduce the program.

In June, a coalition of eight parties formed a razor-thin majority, installing Naftali Bennett as Prime Minister and ending Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year stretch as Israel’s PM. The governing coalition ranges from the far right to the small Arab List and agreed to a novel agreement to switch the prime minister position — from Naftali Bennett to Yair Lapid — halfway its four-year term.

Of course, Benjamin Netanyahu now in opposition stills leads the largest party in the Knesset (29 seats) and is paring no effort to topple the new government.

Tal Schneider will help unpack Israel’s complicated politics, what…

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