Two Jamaicans who reportedly acted as money couriers in a “sophisticated” international scam that laundered more than US$6 million in drug-trafficking proceeds from Colombian cartels are to be extradited to the United States (US), while a third Jamaican implicated in the scheme, Seivright Affleck, was arrested.

All three were arrested on Tuesday, but St Devon Anthony Cover, of Manchester, and Dennis Rowe, of Kingston – who were first held – both waived their rights to an extradition hearing when they appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

They have all been indicted in the US on charges of laundering of monetary instruments and aiding and abetting.

The Jamaicans are among 19 people who have so far been hit with a range of criminal charges for their alleged involvement in the scheme, which had been under investigation since 2016 by law enforcers in Jamaica, the US and Colombia, among others.

Cover is alleged to have…

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