Global Power And Renewables Research Highlights, March 2022: A Look Back And Ahead


Petmal/iStock via Getty Images

The following provides a brief overview of selected reports in the Global Power and Renewables service from February 2022. To learn more about our Global Power and Renewables service and the reports featured in this post, click here.

February reports recapped the past year for global power and renewables and offered a look ahead for several regional power markets, in addition to a long-term market outlook for global power and renewables.

Recapping the year 2021 for global power and renewables

In 2021, the world economy rebounded amid the continued stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chain disruptions, several extreme weather events, and a global energy supply crunch. According to the IHS Markit Insight “A year of crises and rebounds: Six graphics that show the impacts of economic instabilities on global power markets in 2021”, global power consumption, which had slumped in 2020 owing to pandemic-induced…

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