Glastonbury Football Using New Technology to Keep Players Safe – NBC Connecticut


Big hits are a part of the game and player safety remains top of mind across all levels of football.

When Glastonbury football head coach Eric Hennessy was hired a few years ago, his goal to was to eventually have some sort of concussion tracker to ensure that his kids stayed as safe as possible. This season, with the support of the school district, the Guardians have started using a new sensor made by Athlete Intelligence.

“The sensor is placed inside the helmet,” said Hennessy. “It collects data on the number of hits, the G-force during the hit and then the location of the hit on the helmet.”

“It sends the info about how hard we’re hitting, if we had any tough hits to the head throughout the game,” said Glastonbury senior Jack Petrone.

Coaches and trainers can track individual athletes in real time. The sensor sends data directly to a computer and their watches on the sideline during the game.

“The biggest benefit is that our…

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