‘Geopolitical rivalry with US one of the reasons why China launched BRI’


While the political tension between the EU and China increases, the two markets seem to get closer economically, and this is all because of the New Silk Road. This contradiction was pointed out by Frans-Paul van der Putten, researcher at the Clingendael Institute.

The relation between these political and economical developments is the focus of his research, and the Belt and Road Initiative is one of the core projects he looks into. Together with Xiaoxue Martin, he will talk about this complex dynamic at the European Silk Road Summit, be he already gave a sneak preview during the latest edition of RailFreight Live.


“If you want to understand China politically, you need to look at the economics. The interrelation between these two has only increased over the years, they can no longer be seen apart”, says van der Putten.

But, there is something interesting to be observed. While political relations between the EU and China have worsened…

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